Title Elden av år
Label Mellotronen
Release 2004
Cathegory Scandinavian Prog / Psych / Folk
Type CD
Price 140 SEK
In the mid 1970s this band created two of the best albums of all time. This brand new comeback album are as good as any of their early albums. After a 2nd time with this CD in my machine I was totally blown away. Strong melodies and a powerful performance makes this album to one of the best Swedish albums ever!!! Don´t forget that Trettioåriga Kriget was the main influcence for almost all the progressive bands that made Sweden famous in the early 1990s. This is mindblowing come-back offer some heavy storming tracks as well as some epic symphonic ones. Powerful vocals by Robert Zima. Yes, simply a successful reunion. Also available in our mp3-shop.